Amiga Moms Meet-Up

Finding Calm in the Chaos

November 9, 2019

Have you ​ever wished you can have a candid conversation with a professional who understands children and motherhood, in a safe space without being judged, while receiving trusted suggestions and feedback on how to manage challenging situations with your children?  The November Amiga Mom Meet-Up did just that!

The women who attended had an honest and intimate discussion about the realities of motherhood and their attempt to find calm in the chaos. They learned about mindfulness and how to implement it in their everyday lives. 

Amiga Moms Meet-Ups will be held on a monthly basis. Each month having a slightly different theme, giving women the opportunity to feel heard, and sharing mindfulness activities to help them become more patient and mindful mothers.


The mission of Amiga Moms is to empower 21st-century Latina mothers through a supportive network and educational events with informative practices to become more patient and mindful moms. 


Amiga Moms hosts social and educational events which provide a social outlet and mindfulness strategies to help live lives with ease and peace in minds and hearts. 

While Amiga Moms centers on the motherhood with the understanding of the Latino culture, moms and non-moms of all backgrounds are welcome!

Mindful Mamis = Happy Families