Amiga Moms Mindful Meet-Up

Reset Your Mindset

January 11, 2020

There is no time like the present to create the life you want!

At the January Monthly Mindful Meet-Up we had a healthy discussion on mindfulness, fixed vs. growth mindset, and the difference between resolutions, goals, and intentions. Participants were then led in a mindful meditation to choose their intentions for the year, followed by an introduction to making a vision board. 



The mission of Amiga Moms is to empower 21st-century Latina mothers through a supportive network and educational events with informative practices to become more patient and mindful moms. 


Amiga Moms hosts social and educational events which provide a social outlet and mindfulness strategies to help live lives with ease and peace in minds and hearts. 

While Amiga Moms centers on the motherhood with the understanding of the Latino culture, moms and non-moms of all backgrounds are welcome!