Amiga Moms

Virtual Mindful Meet-Up

Cultivating Character in Calm & Chaos

November 14, 2020

Have you noticed your personality seems to change slightly in times of calm vs. in times of chaos?  Our outward emotions actually are embedded inward feelings. How in touch we are with these aspects of our emotions can dictate how we respond to calm vs. chaos.

Join us on November 14th from 8:30-9:30AM EST for some "Real Mom Talk" on Cultivating Character in Calm & Chaos.  

Register below  to receive the log-on information via email 24 hours before the event. Donations for participation are welcome via Venmo @counselorvdejesus.

Please note: Amiga Moms Meet-Ups are social and educational in nature, and although they are led by a licensed mental health counselor, they should not be considered as, or take the place of, individual or group therapy.

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The mission of Amiga Moms is to empower 21st-century Latina mothers through a supportive network and educational events with informative practices to become more patient and mindful moms. 


Amiga Moms hosts social and educational events which provide a social outlet and mindfulness strategies to help live lives with ease and peace in minds and hearts. 

While Amiga Moms centers on the motherhood with the understanding of the Latino culture, moms and non-moms of all backgrounds are welcome!