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Mindful Parenting

August 31, 2019

As parents we have so much on our plates on a daily basis. Most have been guilty of putting kids in front of a screen to cook dinner, take a phone call, or attempt to take a 10 minute catnap! While we absolutely love and adore our kids, we may not always take the time to play or spend quality time with them.

Licensed counselor Vanessa De Jesus Guzman and children's illustrator Jisely J. teamed up together on August 31, 2019 for the Mindful Parenting at the Park event. Parents of toddler-aged children attended and played mindful games and activities to strengthen relationships with their kids. Jisely J. also shared her upcoming projects focused on children's books for kids. All participants won raffle prizes and walked away with goody bags to play the mindful games with their children on their own.


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