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Counseling for Moms

Mindful Moms Counseling Group

To be the best mothers to our children, we must also take care of ourselves. Sometimes that means exploring various modes of parenting, while giving ourselves time to center our minds.

The Mindful Parenting Group will provide tools on how to effectively manage and communicate with children and families to decrease family stress.  This will be done through discussion and guidance on various parenting and mindfulness strategies, as well as through the support of fellow group members. 

I truly believe Mindful Mommies lead Happy Families, the Mindful Parenting Counseling Group helps to accomplish this. Contact me for a 10-minute consultation to discuss if this group is for you. Once you have made your decision, an hour intake will be scheduled before you begin in group. 

Limited to 10 spots to participate virtually.

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There is a lot that pulls you in a thousand directions as a mom - work, life, kids. You're expected to run a seamless household, support your family, spend time with friends, and look good while doing it all.


Is any of that realistic.... or even healthy?

You're highly capable and have had much life experience managing stress; but this parenting gig is different. Advice from family and friends doesn't help much, and instead it leaves you more confused. Your older family members suggest parenting with a heavy hand how you were raised, but that doesn't feel good to you, or your kids.


You're running out of energy and seem to always feel depleted. You're tired, you're at your limit, and you're this close to losing your........

You can allow motherhood to take over your well-being, or you can get support from a licensed therapist -  who looks like you and totally gets it - to help you through this moment in time in one piece. Your kids deserve a healthier and more positive version of you - and so do you.

Does this sound like it can work for you, but you still have questions? Click below and I will give you a call for a free 10-minute consultation where we can get a feel to see if we're a good match. If we both agree, we schedule an appointment and get started. 

What does therapy look like? Sessions are 50-minutes, starting off on a weekly basis, virtually or in-person. With both settings, you always have water or coffee at your disposal, and even a blanket, if needed. 

What does therapy sound like? Sometimes there are tears, many times there are laughs, and there is always a lot of "real talk" conversations - in English, Spanish, and most often in Spanglish (however you best express yourself). Our sessions will help you see things from various perspectives, and will push you outside of your comfort zone - always with genuine care and belief that things can and will improve.

Are you ready to make the change? Contact me today by clicking the button below.

Have more questions while you're waiting for a response? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.