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Therapy for Moms

There is a lot that pulls you in a thousand directions as a mom - work, life, kids. You're expected to run a seamless household, support your family, spend time with friends, and look good while doing it all.


Is any of that realistic.... or even healthy?

You're highly capable and have had much life experience managing stress; but this parenting gig is different. You love your kid - there is no denying that. You’re doing your absolute best, but sometimes it’s as though no matter what you do, things result in tears and screams - sometimes it’s your kid, sometimes it’s you. 

Advice from family and friends doesn't help much, and instead it leaves you more confused. Your older family members suggest parenting with a heavy hand how you were raised, but that doesn't feel good to you, or your kids. You wonder... how is it that other mothers seem to have it all together?


You're running out of energy and seem to always feel depleted. You're tired, you're at your limit, and you're this close to losing your........

You can allow motherhood to take over your well-being, or you can get support from a licensed therapist -  who looks like you and totally gets it - to help you through this moment in time in one piece. 


In therapy you will have the space to unpack the heavy mental load which you constantly put aside to take care of others, and you will have the time and space to take care of YOU. 


Together we will explore...

  • managing unrealistic expectations of motherhood and life

  • regulating parenting-related stress

  • customizable parenting strategies to help you become the mother you always imagined yourself as

  • finding the balance between who you were before having kids and the life you lead now

  • a practical mindfulness approach to help you live and enjoy your family and your life

I firmly believe we cannot pour from an empty cup and moms need just as much space and care as kids need - if not more. If you want to be the best mother you can be, it starts with creating the time to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing. Your kids deserve a healthier and more positive version of you - and so do you.

Have more questions while you're waiting for a response? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

What does therapy look like?

Sessions are 50-minutes, starting off on a weekly basis, virtually or in-person. With both settings, you always have water or coffee at your disposal, and even a blanket, if needed. 

What does therapy sound like?

Sometimes there are tears, many times there are laughs, and there is always a lot of "real talk" in English, Spanish, or Spanglish - however you best express yourself. Our sessions will help you see things from various perspectives, and will push you outside of your comfort zone - always with genuine care and belief that things can and will improve.

Does this sound like it can work for you, but you still have questions? 

Contact me and I will give you a call for a free 10-minute consultation where we can discuss your specific needs and see if we're a good fit. 

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