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  Group Counseling  

Participating in Group Counseling is an effective way to learn skills and practice these skills in a safe environment, while making connections with peers who have similar concerns. 

All Free to Be Mindful groups have hands-on, realistic kid-friendly activities to help meet their needs. Mindfulness strategies are also used in every group. 

Free to Be Mindful Groups are 75-minutes in length and run once a week for 6 to 8 weeks, pending on the group. Spots are limited, as groups are maxed at 6 participants to individualize focus and activities on each child. 

If a participant's needs require more individualized attention, individual counseling sessions may be recommended to take place prior or concurrent with group sessions.

Interested in a counseling group for your child? CONTACT ME to schedule a FREE 10-minute consultation.

Social Skills Group

Beneficial for kids needing help with appropriate communication, perspective taking, and navigating social cues.

Girl Empowerment

Beneficial for girls who demonstrate needing assistance with self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness and more. 

Stress Less Group

Beneficial to kids who need help in managing stress while learning mindfulness strategies to find peace in daily lives.

Does your child experience difficulties finding the right things to say, communicating effectively, or advocating for themselves appropriately in times of need? Social Skills Group may be for them!


Free to Be Mindful's Social Skills Group uses role-playing and engaging, hands-on activities to help foster appropriate communication, while providing kids a safe space to try things out. No pencil-and-paper worksheets here!


Group topics and goals include: understanding social cues, emotional regulation, perspective taking, conversational skills, turn taking, making friends, and decoding social situations. 

The fall 2020 Social Skills Groups run from October 13th - November 14th on Tuesday afternoons. Spots are limited. Contact me today to schedule an intake. Registration ends October 6th. 

Kids Running

Social Skills

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Girl Empowerment


Friendships, social media, peer pressure and every day stressors can majorly impact​ a girl's view of the world, and how she views herself. 


Through discussion, meaningful hands-on activities, and mindful practices, Free to Be Mindful's Girl Empowerment Group focuses on building healthy habits around the topics of body consciousness, assertive communication, managing emotions, and empathy for self and others.

Contact me to inquire when group will be available. 

Does your child experience performance-based anxiety such as not earning an A on a test, getting nervous before public speaking or before a recital or game? Would you consider your child a "worrier"? 

Stress Less Group helps participants understand when they experience nervousness, where it's felt in their body, and how to manage their stress. Group topic and goals include identifying and expressing feelings, understanding rational vs. irrational thoughts, and overcoming negative self-talk. Each session will cover multiple mindful and practical relaxation strategies.

Contact me to inquire when group will be available. 

Study Group

Stress Less



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