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Does your child experience...


  • angry outbursts?​

  • intense tantrums or major attitude?

  • anxiousness and can't control it?

Kids experience many big emotions, but think - have they ever been directly taught how to manage them? 

Not having the skills on how to self-regulate can lead to being misunderstood, mis-labeled, and difficulties interacting with others. 

As a mom do you experience...

  • difficulty managing your child's intense emotions?

  • overwhelm dealing with your child's school?

  • feelings as though your entire life is affected due to your child's behavior and needs?

This parenting thing can be tough. Sometimes your child's behavior and tantrums (big or small) may lead you to have your own version of a tantrum! As parents if we have difficulty managing our reactions, it can affect our child's behavior.

Think of the challenges which may become more intense if big emotions continue to be expressed in the same way. There are things which can help...

Implementing mindfulness in your life helps with inner peace, patience, and changing your mindset. Having a mindfulness practice helps you to let go of states such as anger and agitation, and open your heart to kindness and compassion toward yourself and others. Mindfulness helps adults and kids alike!

Make a change today by taking the first step toward a calmer child and a more mindful you!

Contact me for a free 10 minute consultation!

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As a former teacher, school counselor, licensed counselor and mom I understand the demands and challenges kids, parents and educators face daily. Through my services - mindfulness classes for kids, mindfulness events for moms, and workshops for educators - participants learn more about themselves which will lead them to grow as people and inspire others to do the same.

I'm passionate about helping kids become emotionally healthy through a focus on mindfulness, and am dedicated to helping parents and educators learn ways to strengthen relationships with their kids. Let me help YOU practice mindfulness, develop a positive mindset, and build genuine connections with the children in your life… and with yourself! You and your child deserve it!

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Mindfulness for Kids

Free to Be Mindful classes use gratitude, movement, literature and discussion to help kids be more mindful of their reactions towards others and to the world. Classes are beneficial for kids needing help with emotion regulation, problem-solving and self-esteem.


Mindfulness for Moms

Just as kids can benefit from understanding how to respond appropriately instead of reacting - adults can benefit from this as well! Each month events and workshops are held in the northern NJ area for mothers and women to network and learn more about mindfulness.

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Mindfulness for Educators

Professional developments, keynotes and panel discussions are customized to school's or organization's needs to provide participants a deeper and practical understanding of mindfulness, mindset, and relationship building with kids.

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