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  Parent Support   

Individual Counseling

Free to Be Mindful provides individual and group counseling services for mothers.

Mindful Parenting Support Group

A group specific for Latinx & BIPOC moms focused on mindful parenting strategies. 

Educational Consultations

Obtain assistance on how to navigate school processes focusing on IEPs, 504s or I&RS.


Amiga Moms

Meet other Amiga Moms while learning about mindfulness in a more social setting.

Educational Consultation

Whether your child is 2 years old and you believe there may be some delays present, or if your child is 12 and you want to help ease their learning challenges, but don’t know where to start - I’m here to help. When our kids face academic challenges, parents and caregivers can easily be inundated with the school alphabet soup - IEP, 504, I&RS, etc. - which can certainly be overwhelming! 


With 17 years of experience in education, and having undergone a similar journey with my own child, I can help clarify the process, provide guidance on various educational interventions, and help provide resources to obtain an advocate, if needed. 

The consultation includes a 90-minute in person or virtual conversation, written material to help support you as you follow through on various options, and a follow-up call if needed.

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Amiga Moms Social Events

Amiga Moms is an educational space with a more social atmosphere than other groups. The mission of Amiga Moms is to empower 21st-century Latina mothers through a supportive network and educational events with informative practices to become more patient and mindful moms. 

While Amiga Moms centers on motherhood with the understanding of the Latinx culture, moms and non-moms of all backgrounds are welcome! 

Events are held once a month, are themed in nature, and always end with a guided meditation to help participants find peace of mind and ease of heart. 

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