• Vanessa De Jesus Guzman

3 Virtual Learning Strategies for Kids With Ants in their Pants

Children will always remember that year where they “did school from home” either half the day or all of the day. These are most definitely different times and there is no right or wrong way to do school. However, there are tips which can help students succeed, whether they be learning from a classroom or from their kitchen table.

As adults we may now have more compassion for our kids, most of us have sat through long Zoom meetings perhaps distracted or with urges to stand up and move. Granted, our kids may not get lower back pain; however, they too need to move, for their physical and cognitive well-being. Sitting in front of a notebook or screen for a long time is difficult for adults, but even more difficult for those children, especially those with a lot of energy or “ants in their pants.”