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Summer 2022 Social Skills  Group

Does your child experience difficulties finding the right things to say, communicating effectively, or advocating for themselves appropriately in times of need? Social Skills Group may be for them!

Participating in Group Counseling is an effective way to learn skills and practice them in a safe environment, while making connections with peers who have similar concerns. Free to Be Mindful's Social Skills Group uses role-playing and engaging, hands-on activities to help foster appropriate communication, while providing kids a safe space to try things out. No pencil-and-paper worksheets here!

Group topics and goals include: effective communication, perspective taking, working as a team, building friendships, self-esteem, managing anger and frustrations, and decoding social cues. 

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Think this group sounds like what your child needs? Fill out the contact form today to schedule a free 10-minute consultation. If a participant's needs require more individualized attention, individual counseling sessions may be recommended to take place prior or concurrent with group sessions.