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Free to Be Mindful Therapy Dog

Hi there... it's me, Ollie, reporting for duty as the Chief Emotional Officer (CEmO) at Free to Be Mindful! Yup, that's right, I've got the fancy title and everything. But you can just call me Ollie, your friendly neighborhood certified therapy pup!


I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for considering me for your upcoming event. Your thoughtfulness means the world to me!

My mom, Vanessa, the dedicated owner of Free to Be Mindful, is embarking on a new journey as she prepares to welcome another human into the world. So, she won't be able to bring me along for therapy dog visits until the end of August 2024. I know... I'll miss you all too!

​But fear not, I'm not the only furry friend out there spreading love and cheer. You can check out Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, where you can find other certified therapy dogs ready to wag their tails and bring some joy to your day. Just give them a Google and request a visit through their site.

I'll be eagerly awaiting my return to duty toward the end of August 2024. Until then, stay pawsitive and keep spreading kindness wherever you go! Wishing you all the best and sending lots of tail wags your way! Woof!



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Ollie in the Therapy Space

I may be just a medium-sized, hypoallergenic, super-friendly goldendoodle, but let me tell you, I've got a big heart full of love and cuddles to share. Whether you're feeling down in the dumps or on top of the world, I'm here to lend a paw and a wagging tail to brighten your day.

In my role, I offer a range of support tailored to your individual needs. Whether you require an infusion of positive energy, encouragement to share your thoughts, assistance in navigating complex emotions, or simply a dose of canine companionship to lighten the mood, I'm here to help enhance your therapy experience.

If dogs aren't for you, that's okay too! I am available, and can be made unavailable, upon request. 🐾

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Request a Therapy Dog
at  Your Event or Location

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Ollie is certified through Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs and absolutely loves children! He can be a great addition to your school, library, college, corporate or wellness event by providing comfort, care, and emotional support.

If you're in the north Jersey areas of Bergen or Hudson Counties and would like a visit from Ollie, please complete the form below.

Therapy Dog Request Form

As stated above, therapy dog visits are posponed until August 2024.

Thanks for your submission. Please check your inbox for an email from "Vanessa De Jesus Guzman, LPC at" to schedule a call!

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Free to Be Mindful Services

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Group Counseling

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