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Free to Be Mindful Therapy Dog

Free to Be Mindful is excited to introduce our certified therapy dog, Ollie, or as we like to call him, our CEmO - Chief Emotional Officer. Ollie is a medium sized, hypoallergenic, super friendly goldendoodle.

Therapy dogs have a wide range of benefits - in and out of the therapy office - ranging from emotional assistance, unconditional love, encouragement, and more. Research shows that spending time with a therapy dog can also help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and even boost the immune system. The act of petting a therapy dog can release endorphins in the brain, which can help to promote feelings of happiness and well-being.

Ollie is looking forward to meeting you!

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Ollie in the Therapy Space

Ollie spends time at the Free to Be Mindful office a few times a week to greet you and assist with your therapeutic journey. Whether he provides an energy boost, is a motivator who helps you feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts, helps with processing big emotions, or just puts a smile on your face when dealing with difficult feelings, every therapy session is personalized and meant to enhance the therapy experience.


If you would like Ollie present at your therapy session, please do not hesitate to reach out!

If dogs aren't for you, that's okay too! Ollie is available by request.

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Request a Therapy Dog
at  Your Event or Location

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Ollie is certified through Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs and absolutely loves children! He can be a great addition to your school, library, college, corporate or wellness event by providing comfort, care, and emotional support.

If you're in the north Jersey in Bergen, Essex or Hudson Counties and would like a visit from Ollie, please complete the form below.

Therapy Dog Request Form

Thanks for your submission. Please check your inbox for an email from "Vanessa De Jesus Guzman, LPC at" to schedule a call!

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Free to Be Mindful Services

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