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Hi! I'm Vanessa.

Nice to meet you!

Who Am I Personally?

By day I’m a former elementary teacher, middle school counselor, and licensed therapist who loves working with kids, mothers and educators.  By night I’m a mom and a wife who loves to laugh and watch movies with my boys, who drive me crazy, but who I love so very much!


Just like other moms and parents, my world is non-stop: helping my son with homework, driving him to extracurricular activities, and in between trying to cook dinner a few times a week (although that doesn’t always happen!).  On the weekends I am more mindful of slowing down and fit in aspects of self-care and other things I enjoy like hopping on the Peloton, yoga, and salsa dancing.

Who Am I Professionally?

I am a caring, warm and enthusiastic educator and counselor whose passion is to help kids, along with their parents and teachers! I have had much experience in helping children with academic stress and pressures, ADHD, navigating high functioning autism, behavioral issues, social skills, identity and self-esteem via a variety of positions including tenured teacher, highly effective school counselor, behavioral assistant, in-home clinician, group facilitator... and of course as a mom. 


With almost two decades of experience I know firsthand the many expectations and struggles our kids face day-to-day. These range from academics, to social, and especially emotional challenges. As an educator and as a mom of a young child, I understand the stressors parents and educators face, the complexities of navigating a school system, and how that can impact us in all areas of our lives.

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My Why

I'm passionate about helping kids to be emotionally healthy through a focus on mindfulness and

am dedicated to helping parents & educators learn ways to strengthen relationships with their kids,

while living life with peace of mind and ease of heart. 

My Promise

To be an honest, genuine professional who is personable, kid-friendly and easy for all to understand, while delivering great services to make impacting change. 

Free to Be Mindful Values

Genuine Care  |  Client-Centered Acceptance  |  Enthusiasm  |  Mindful Living

Easy to Understand Communication -aka- "Real Talk"


  • BS in Elementary Education & Psychology

    • The College of New Jersey​

  • MA in Counselor Education​
    • The College of New Jersey​
  • Advanced Counseling Certification
    • Montclair State University​
  • Education Supervisor's Certificate
    • New​ Jersey City University


  • Licensed Professional Counselor​​

    • NJ 37PC00725200

  • National Certified Counselor

  • Year-Long Mindful Schools Program

  • Director of School Counseling Services

  • Supervisor Certificate

  • School Counselor

  • Elementary Teacher, K-5

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Services Offered

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Counseling for Kids  Counseling for Moms

Free to Be Mindful Podcast

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Speaking Engagements

Professional Development

Professional Affiliations

TCNJ's Alumni Association

The College of New Jersey's Alumni Association Board of Directors

National Board Certified Counselors

National Board for Certified Counselors

Association for Play Therapy

Association for Play Therapy

NJ Counseling Association

Presented at Annual 2020 Conference

NJ Association for Multicultural Counseling

NJ Association for Multicultural Counseling

NJ School Counselor Association

New Jersey School Counselor Association

American School Counselor Associatio

American School Counselor Association

Latino Mental Health Association of NJ

Executive Board Early Career Professional Chair

Bergen Co. School Counselor Assoc.

Executive Board K-8 Co-Facilitator BCSCA K-8 Counselor of the Year, 2012

Latinas United for Political Empowerment

Board of Directors

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Lifetime Member Gamma Chapter Area Supervisor

Chi Sigma Iota

Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society for Professional Counselors Alpha Epsilon Chapter

Girl Scouts of America

Lifetime Member Gold Award Recipient National Delegate