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Free to Be Mindful Podcast 

Benefits and Attitudes of Gratitude

November 20, 2022



As we approach Thanksgiving, the concept of gratitude is on our minds. Having a gratitude practice has various scientifically proven benefits. This episode shares those benefits, how we can all benefit from having a daily gratitude practice, in addition to naming 100 everyday things we can be grateful for today.

Join Vanessa - licensed therapist, educator, entrepreneur and mom - for this real-talk conversation weaving mindful living, mental health, and personal growth, with a short meditation at the end.

Psychology Today Article:

100 Things to be Thankful For:


“Tools to Help Kids Navigate Mistreatment”

“Talking to Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool Guide”

Free to Be Mindful Podcast episodes are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as or substituted for therapy or professional counseling help from a licensed clinician.

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