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Introducing STEM to Young Kids

I would like to believe that I’m not that old. However, when I see the way in which kids are now taught to think, I begin to feel a bit ancient! Many schools now teach STEM classes to kids as early as 5th grade. STEM not only covers science, technology, engineering and math, but it also covers astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, various aspects of engineering, physics and more.

Books are now also beginning to incorporate STEM in fun ways. The book Coding Capers: Luci and the Missing Robot is an excellent book which may peak children’s curiosity in STEM. It is about a group of students who are given an assignment. Not only does the book integrate computer science aspects, but it also talks about problem-solving and persevering through challenges. When the characters in the book are able to work through and solve the given challenge, they then share how they could use their talents in computer science to bring good to the world. The authors and the illustrator did a great job at educating the reader, while keeping their interest, and tying in values into the storyline… with a diverse cast of characters!

During the holiday season or when shopping for a birthday gift, instead of buying dolls, cars or electronics, provide a loved one a gift that will lead them to think while having fun! A toy having to do with STEM, or this very book would make a great gift!

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Counselor De Jesus

If you would like to purchase this item via Amazon, feel free to click the image below. Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Vanessa De Jesus Guzman is an Educator and a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with children and families for two decades. Vanessa is the owner and CEO of Free to Be Mindful - a private practice located in Ridgefield, New Jersey.

Vanessa is passionate about helping moms, kids and educators with mindful living, mental health and personal growth through efforts including:

Vanessa has been featured on the Today Show, Univision, Parents Latina and more, always sharing her passion of helping others Learn, Grow & Inspire… all with mindfulness in mind.

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