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Free to Be Mindful Podcast 

Nourishing Our Relationships via Love Languages

January 30, 2023



Love languages are a fantastic tool for communication, and by understanding them, we can nourish our relationships with the people we “do” life with.

This special guest episode explores what the five love languages are, and demonstrates how they play into our relationships. By being mindful and intentional with our time, energy, and ways we show gratitude, we can create positive, safe spaces for the relationships in our lives to flourish.

Tune into this podcast with licensed therapist Vanessa De Jesus Guzman and special guest and educator Vanessa Paula for this real-talk conversation on ways to incorporate love languages as a communication tool, practice mindful living for our self-care, and a short meditation at the end.

Ep122: Understanding the 5 Love Languages

Main 5 Love Languages Free Quiz:

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The 5 Love Languages:
The 5 Love Languages of Children:
The 5 Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate:

“Tools to Help Kids Navigate Mistreatment”

“Talking to Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool Guide”

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