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 Mindfulness Classes for Kids 

Does your child lose control easily? Experience intense tantrums? Give major attitude? Have trouble with friendships because of their reactions to others?  Mindfulness can help!


Mindfulness is paying attention and being present in the moment which can help kids appropriately respond to a triggering event, instead of "exploding." Mindfulness classes are beneficial to children needing help with emotion regulation, social skills, anger management, and problem-solving. 

The use of literature in each session sets Free to Be Mindful classes apart from any other program. 

Each class includes aspects of gratitudeconnecting with one's breath through movement, literature, discussion and reflection.

Benefits of the Mindfulness Class include:

  • increased focus

  • ability to self-regulate emotion appropriately

  • deeper sense of compassion for self and others

  • higher level of patience with self and others

While mindfulness classes help children learn skills to improve interactions in social and academic settings, classes should not be considered or substituted for therapy.

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Updated Information

Regarding  Covid-19


During these times of social distancing we are tasked with the important role of "flattening the curve." Since kids are now virtually learning, I am proud to have the ability to share my mindfulness classes to kids all over the globe!

Click below to learn more about my NEW & FREE virtual mindfulness class!

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