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Free to Be Mindful Podcast 

Letting Go for Personal Growth

June 13, 2023



What letting go means to you can vary: it can be letting go of pain, letting go of an expectation that didn’t follow through, or letting go of a person you care about deeply. When it comes to letting go, it isn’t just the action that’s difficult: it’s the part about rebuilding after undoing the workings of any trauma you have that requires as much attention and care.

This episode explores how letting go can lead to personal growth and the importance of looking back but moving forward. With tips on finding peace in the journey and understanding the power of mindfulness, we navigate the steps of letting go in the healing journey.

Tune into this podcast with licensed therapist Vanessa De Jesus Guzman for this real-talk conversation on letting go and personal growth.

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Free to Be Mindful Podcast episodes are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as or substituted for therapy or professional counseling help from a licensed clinician.

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