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The Amiga Moms Social... Motherhood United in Culture & Mindfulness

Parenthood in all years is filled with a lot of love and laughter. However, it is also filled with many tears, tantrums, and challenges. Besides reading literature and receiving [often times unsolicited] advice during the nine months of pregnancy, there is not much preparation for parenthood in terms of self-care for the parent. From the newborn months to the teenage years, each stage is different and has many demands of parents, especially of mothers.

Consequently, motherhood can arguably be considered one of the hardest jobs in the world.

While there is a lot of information detailing how to help and soothe children, there seems to be a need for providing mothers how to help themselves in order for them to better help their children. The concept of mindfulness has been becoming more widely accepted by the general public, and is being used more with children in schools. There is research, as stated by the American Psychological Association, that mindfulness has the following empirically supported evidence:

  • Stress reduction

  • Boosts to working memory

  • Improved focus

  • Less emotional reactivity

  • More cognitive flexibility

  • Relationship satisfaction

  • Enhancement of self-insight, morality and intuition

Just as mindfulness can help children, it also holds the same benefits for adults, which is important being all mothers experience stress in parenting. Interesting to note, research published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies has found Latina mothers experience higher rates of parenting-related stress than white non-Latina mothers. This is due partly to the many cultural expectations Latina mothers have.

It was due to understanding the demands parenting places on mothers, the personal experience of being a Latina mother conscious of the additional cultural stressors Latina mothers face, and the knowledge of the many positive benefits of mindfulness that the concept of Amiga Moms was born.

The Amiga Moms Social is a one-of-a-kind event which has not been duplicated elsewhere. The focus of Amiga Moms is on motherhood united in culture and mindfulness. Through the Amiga Moms Social, participants are empowered by a network of other Amiga Moms who understand the cultural demands of 21st-century Latina mothers. Furthermore, education of mindfulness and its benefits, practice of mindfulness during the event, and resources to take home with strategies to implement individually will be provided.

Although the mission of Amiga Moms is centered on motherhood within the Latino culture, women of all backgrounds are welcome to learn how to bring more peace of mind and heart into their lives. The Amiga Moms Social will include brunch, networking opportunities, keynote address and discussion, education on mindfulness and practice of strategies, swag bags filled with many exciting goodies, and free raffles thanks to the donations of amazing partners to the event. In efforts to keep the event intimate, the social is capped at 40 participants. Tickets are on sale throughout the month of April on the Amiga Moms website -

About the Founder

Vanessa De Jesus Guzman is a licensed therapist, national certified counselor, school counselor, former teacher, wife, mother, and the founder of Amiga Moms. Her life’s mission statement is to “learn, grow and inspire” others to do the same. Visit to learn more about Counselor De Jesus, of speaking engagement opportunities and services offered, and about the upcoming Amiga Moms Social.


Vanessa De Jesus Guzman is an Educator and a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with children and families for two decades. Vanessa is the owner and CEO of Free to Be Mindful - a private practice located in Ridgefield, New Jersey.

Vanessa is passionate about helping moms, kids and educators with mindful living, mental health and personal growth through efforts including:

Vanessa has been featured on the Today Show, Univision, Parents Latina and more, always sharing her passion of helping others Learn, Grow & Inspire… all with mindfulness in mind.

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