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Free to Be Mindful Podcast 

Exploring Your Relationship with Your Food

September 19, 2022



If you’ve been here for a while, you know that my passions revolve around the well-being of children, educators, and mothers in all facets of their daily lives. More importantly, I love to focus on the mindfulness approach we can take with each action to take steps towards a healthy physical, emotional, and mental state, especially for women and children of color.

With National Childhood Obesity Month being in September, I thought it would be great to bring on a guest speaker that is not only a pro when it comes to mindful eating, but she also checks the boxes for a mother, and a Dominican woman as well.

Naihomy Jerez grew up in the Bronx, and is a wife and mom of two young boys. When she was in college people would ask her, “If you could pick ANY job without worry when you graduate, what would it be?” she used to say, “ I want to own a Food Truck where I make delicious food that is not healthy for us….healthy.” It is no surprise that she is now a Food & Health Coach. She is passionate about helping women of color take control of their nutrition, improve their health, and lose weight WITHOUT dieting. All while regaining their energy, confidence, and living their BEST life! Make sure to check her out on Instagram and her website

In this week’s episode, Naihomy and I chat about some of the key points when it comes to your relationship with food. We will discuss not only the mindfulness we need to take with the food that we as mothers and women consume, but in the way that we are actually eating it, and how to get our children to start to practice some of these mindful ways of relating to food as well. We will chat about how it is not always about going on restrictive, crazy diets, but living life in a healthier, and more mindful way.

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