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Pause and Progress with Amiga Moms Retreats

Retreats are a great way to embark on a transformative journey, starting with learning how to take a pause, refueling your mind and body by relaxing and tuning into what you love, and taking a leap of faith toward progress. They are often in the forms of events or experiences that provide a break from your daily lifestyle to focus on some sort of mental or physical wellness initiative, while learning and growing in the process.


1. Retreats allow you to work on your personal growth and self-reflection. When we’re caught in the daily hustle and bustle, especially during a time when the world can be filled with stress or have complicated situations, relationships, and emotions, retreats can be a great time to disconnect and realign. You can learn more about yourself and ask the questions you might not get to sit down and consider on the daily, such as: What brings you peace? What makes you happy? What are some of your core values, goals, and desires? This introspection lets you understand who you truly are—away from all the noise—and how you want to foster your inner capabilities to be the best version of yourself.

2. Retreats help you focus on your physical and mental health. Take charge of your physical wellness by listening to what your body needs. Activities can put your body at ease, whether it be through yoga, meditation, good eating habits, relaxation tips and techniques, etc. By adding certain techniques and routines, you can feel inspired to foster that energy! And just as important as physical wellness is, so is your mental and emotional health. One of the key goals of a retreat is to help you focus on the right here, right now. When we get caught in a cycle of “do, do, do” or experience overwhelming emotions, it can be easy to get caught up in our heads, and worry more about the past or future. When we incorporate mindfulness, we find inner peace, enjoy the present moment, and gain gratitude while also working on removing anxiety.

3. Retreats can be great for fostering a community. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, clarity, and awareness alongside people who may share similar thoughts or experiences as you. Take advantage of events and activities that lead to bonding, a timeless gift of new friendships, and a sense of connection. Understanding others can be key in our personal journeys as well. Sometimes, seeing things from someone else’s perspective, or hearing something that truly speaks out to us, sheds light on things from a new angle, and leaves us refreshed and motivated.

4. Retreats can build skills and knowledge. Retreats usually have creative and innovative workshops, guest speakers, etc. and all of these are tailored toward helping you build your skillset, learn more about certain experiences, and utilize the newfound knowledge to your advantage and personal growth. With these tools and resources, receive a renewed sense of focus in your environment that you can use for your responsibilities outside of the retreat, whether it be personal or professional.

5. Retreats are a great way to try something new! Take a chance and break out of a routine. Whether you’re looking for something casual or more luxurious, consider the type of retreat you want so that you can receive a personalized experience and become more refreshed as a result. Feel free to do your research to see what retreats work for you, and what you might be seeking in a retreat. Whether the objective is to relax, grow spiritually, work on physical/mental growth, meet new people, learn more about yourself, build a foundation, or a combination of all of these things, retreats can provide you a new outlook and encourage you to try new things.

With all of this excitement of retreat talk, Amiga Moms is excited to announce our upcoming retreat, an elevated, luxurious experience for moms, by moms!

Amiga Moms 2023 Retreat in the Poconos
Amiga Moms Retreats

Who: 10 Moms from all different walks of life seeking to prioritize themselves through self-care, personal growth, & connection

What: An overnight experience carefully curated and designed to provide a journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation and empowerment for moms. The event includes three interactive personal development workshops to enhance mothers' mental and emotional well-being. The experience comes complete with private chefs and additional surprises. No cooking or cleaning this weekend!

When: 10AM on Saturday, November 4th to Sunday, November 5th at 10AM - 24 hours of relaxation, connection and personal growth.

Where: A gorgeous home in the Poconos.

Why: Because you deserve the time to pour into yourself.

What can you expect?

  • An All-Inclusive Experience for women to meet new mom friends (aka Amiga Moms), take a part in activities that motivate you to learn, grow, and inspire, and build space for self-love and self-care in their personal journeys.

  • Empowering & Exciting Personal Development Workshops to help you set intentions, get in touch with your inner self and help you heal, and lots of fun in between to remind you who you were before becoming a mother.

  • Private Chefs on hand to provide a hearty and filling brunch and dinner upon the day of arrival, and a light breakfast the next day.

  • Connection and Relaxation to remind yourself you are not alone on this journey and to learn strategies you can implement to help you be the best version of yourself, day in and day out

Who is the retreat for?

  • Modern day moms who need a break from it all

  • Moms who want to feel catered to, rested, connected

  • Moms who want to grow in personal development

  • Moms looking to learn and be inspired by a community of strong women

  • Moms who enjoy group events - or those looking to step outside their comfort zones - to engage in deep discussions, reconnect with oneself, and who need a deeper dive to improve their energy and positivity

Tickets go on sale September 1, 2023. For more information visit


Vanessa is a well respected Educator and Nationally Certified Licensed Therapist, Speaker and Podcast Host with 20 years of experience working with children and families. Her insights on mindful living, mental health, and personal growth have been featured on the Today Show, Univision and multiple national publications.

After an 18-year career in education, Vanessa established a New Jersey based private practice - Free to Be Mindful - providing psychotherapy to children and mothers, using a mindful living framework to help find peace of mind and ease of heart.

As the founder of Amiga Moms, Vanessa provides a supportive network and educational in-person and virtual events - including conferences and retreats - to help 21st century mothers become more patient and mindful moms.

Vanessa is a sought after public speaker on mindfulness, self care, mental wellness and social emotional learning, and shares her passion on these topics on the Free to Be Mindful Podcast and her YouTube channel.

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